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        Welcome to Spector Amisar Architects.  We are a design oriented architectural firm based in Jerusalem, Israel who believes that architecture is a client centered service profession with a public responsibility.   Since our founding over forty years ago, we have based our design on developing a deep understanding of our client, their project, and their values.  The solutions we develop seek to provide a unique response to the problems posed by the functional demands, budgetary constraints, and contextual opportunities of the project.  In so doing, we are driven to:


     ·  Solve the project in the most functional and efficient manner

     ·  Express the unique “place” of the project in the historical, technological, and urban


     ·  Promote sustainability and accessibility

     ·  Accomplish these goals within the limits of budget and schedule


       We employ a staff of multi-skilled professionals with varying experience and expertise from diverse cultures.  Each project is supervised by a senior staff member to ensure compliance to our firm’s strictest professional standards.  While our projects have addressed a wide range of building types of varying complexity in a number of countries - from private residences to large scale public works - we have extensive specialized experience in healthcare, hotels, education, offices, residential, sport facilities, and building in Jerusalem.  Our services include:


     ·  Architecture

     ·  Interior Design

     ·  Owner’s Representation

     ·  Project Management

     ·  Urban Planning

Spector Amisar Architects
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